Property Management

Partners In Care is committed to providing the highest level of expertise in property management services. We have comprehensive experience in assessing the immediate and ongoing needs of our clientèle's property. Property management is done carefully and with scrupulous attention to the highest ethical standards. Our first consideration is to identify the property management needs of the client and to develop a management plan tailored to those specific needs.

PIC provides assistance through strictly private arrangements with individuals or families to assist people with the management of real property. These arrangements can be limited and specific, or can be more general, based on the preferences of the client.

Our property management staff provides a wide variety of services, including:

  • Purchase or sale of real property
  • Maintenance and security of real property
  • Inventory of personal possessions
  • Safekeeping of valuables
  • Management of personal property/
  • Management of property insurances and property taxes
  • Coordination of estate liquidation